Slow Broadband

Last Friday I talked about a new breed of superfast broadband heading our way, however it would seem that in the current day many users still aren’t achieving anywhere near the maximum speeds promised by their ISPs.
Several months back my parents had their Virgin Media line upgraded from a 2Mbps to a 10Mbps connection free [...]

Website Hosting

Once again I take a week to answer questions that my readers have recently put to me, focussing this week on Tony Venton who is interested in designing and maintaining his own website.

I am planning a web site as a hobby; a family album for those of my family spread around the [...]

Readers Question – Intrusive Pornographic icon.

This week I will dedicate to a letter I recently received from one of my readers who is experiencing problems with an intrusive file that she picked up whilst browsing the Internet.

I recently subscribed to a Newsgroup, and when I next returned to my desktop I found a new icon entitled “Private-Archive”. [...]

Readers Questions - Broadband

For another week, I will spend this Click article resolving a selection of questions that my readers have put to me recently.

Firstly thanks for your excellent weekly column with particular reference to the sloppy way that BT are handling the Broadband rollout. As a resident of Kingskerswell I have more chance of [...]

ADSL problems

It’s only once in a blue moon that I write an article in Click in order to make negative comments about a product or service but my recent experiences with BT leave me with doubt over how capable they are of delivering the vision of a ‘Broadband Britain’ that many IT professionals have.

ISDN Lines

For any of you that have been on the Internet recently, you may of noticed that it is seems surprisingly slow. You’d have thought that in the 21st Century, when our computers are now thousands of times faster than they were only 15 years ago that we’d have come up with something far [...]

Creating your own website

This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having.

I’ve been reading with interest Chris Holgate’s excellent ‘Click’ column in the Herald Express about designing web sites. I wondered [...]

Mobile Essentials

Having started at Cardiff University this week I thought I would take the chance of using a couple of articles in order to discuss some essentials for mobile computing on the move. There is the obvious essential ownership of a laptop computer that I have discussed in weeks gone by that will [...]