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Living with Windows 7

I’ve been living with the release candidate of Windows 7 now for a couple of weeks now at home. To be honest, I’m so impressed that it’s got to the stage that going to work and having to use Windows Vista again has become a chore. If you missed my article last week [...]

Useless Bundled Software

I was setting up a new laptop this week and, half way through, got thinking to myself what a peculiar state of affairs we have got ourselves in to. The machine was set up and ready to use straight out the box but then I was required to spend half an hour removing all the [...]

Connecting your Computer to a TV #2

Last week I discussed potential methods of connecting your PC or laptop to your television. Such an easy project has many potential rewards such as being able to play your games on a massive screen or avoiding the need to burn your downloaded movies to disc before playing them. While [...]

Improving your wireless Network

I’ve been struggling just lately to get a reliable wireless signal on my laptop when I’m at work. The problem stems from the fact that Refresh Cartridges is run from a 1920′s building and as such broadcasting a network around the building is next to impossible. If the building were modern day in design then [...]

Cat Products

I do a large amount of working from home and being the proud owner of two cats I quite often find that when my back is turned that they start interfering with my laptop so that upon my return I either find one of them perched on the mouse following the curser [...]

GPS part 3

Last week I started discussing a £399 bundle deal which includes a Palm m130 PDA and a separate GPS module that plugs in to the back of the PDA to allow it to be able to act as a tracking device. Once installed this allows you to be able to tell exactly [...]

Mobile Essentials #2

Continuing from last weeks article focusing on mobile essentials that I have discovered recently by gaining first hand experience. This is particularly understandable when you bear in mind that in future I’ll be writing my articles on my laptop in rainy Wales!

Last time [...]