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This week I’ll once again take the time to answer a question recently sent to me by a Click reader.

I’m a student doing art studies and also a regular reader of your column ‘Click’in the Heard Express. To assist me with my course I’m currently [...]

Google Mail

Whilst it seems like pretty much every other article I write at the moment is related to Google in some way,shape or form I thought I’d stick with tradition and this week focus my article on the Google Gmail service which I have recently had a chance to tryout. Although this service isn’t yet [...]

Blueyonder Internet Access

This letter arrived in my inbox last week which I thought I’d respond to in Click since I did promise the full lowdown on the Telewest Broadband Service a couple of weeks back once I’d had it installed.

I was just reading your column in the Herald Express [...]

Questions and Answers #3

I wonder if you can help me with a niggling computer problem. I have created a letterhead as a template in Microsoft Word 2000 documents. The letterhead contains a picture in Windows bitmap format (.bmp). Every time I save a letter in this layout,I also have to save the [...]