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Whilst it is usually possible to get a rough idea of how well a computer will operate by simply looking at the system specification sheet,this doesn’t always give a true reflection of the machines performance. For that reason,those that want to get an accurate idea of the speed of their computer will often [...]

Google Mail

Whilst it seems like pretty much every other article I write at the moment is related to Google in some way,shape or form I thought I’d stick with tradition and this week focus my article on the Google Gmail service which I have recently had a chance to tryout. Although this service isn’t yet [...]

Online Chess

After talking about my time at Churston Grammar School last week,I’m now going to spend a second week of Click reminiscing over my younger days as the subject of conversation today requires another trip back in time. When I was ten years old I used to enjoy losing time [...]

CD Writer Drives

Continuing on from last weeks article related to the uses of compression techniques used within music files,this week I’m going to shed some light on an area that will allow you to put this technology to good use. It’s all very well being able [...]

File Compression

There are few technologies in the IT world which are just so helpful that once you’ve got used to using them you will find them simply indispensable;file compression is just one of those things that you may not have yet given any thought to and it just so happens [...]