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OpenOffice 3.0

This week OpenOffice 3.0 was released and once again I found myself questioning as to why we spend good money on Microsoft Office when there is a completely free alternative available that does the job just as well. After all,it’s not as if Office 2007 is cheap;the professional version comes in at an [...]

Readers Questions/Suggestions

Once again,it’s time for me to publish a few of the e-mails that have arrived in my inbox this week.

Mozilla is becoming well known for its Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client,but its Sunbird calendar is less well known. Put simply,it is a [...]

Accounting Software

We’ll kick straight off this week with a letter from one of my readers:

I am a keen reader of your Herald Express column and have downloaded some useful free software as a result. I was wondering if you know of any free downloads of Home Accounting [...]


Last week we talked a little bit about Linux and I introduced you to a program called Slax which served the purpose of being a perfect introduction for those new to this Operating System. The big downside to Slax was that it wasn’t really designed for installing on to a hard drive and so didn’t [...]

Sneak Previews – Windows Alternatives

You may remember a few weeks ago when I reviewed an alternative to PC computing;the Apple iMac. In similar contrast,there is also a range of Operating Systems for the PC that serve as an alternative to the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems,the most popular of which is generally considered to be Linux. This [...]

Creating your own website

After a quick break from our website tutorial last week to answer a number of readers questions,today we get back to wrapping up this multi-part series on creating and uploading your own website.

In part one,we looked at an application [...]

Creating your own website

Last week we had a look into the most fundamental ways to create a website on your PC using a program called FrontPage which is available as part of Microsoft Office or FrontPage Express which comes as a free option to Internet Explorer available from


CD Writer Drives

Continuing on from last weeks article related to the uses of compression techniques used within music files,this week I’m going to shed some light on an area that will allow you to put this technology to good use. It’s all very well being able [...]