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Windows 7:Release Candidate 1

Last month Microsoft made the Windows 7 Release Candidate available free of charge with the intention that it will give Microsoft a chance to identity and iron out any bugs present before the final release. As you are all no doubt aware,Windows 7 is the successor to the somewhat criticised Windows Vista and is [...]

Firefox Extensions

Many of my Click articles end up with me banging on about how good Firefox is and how all my readers should consider using it as their main browser over Internet Explorer which is bundled free with Microsoft Windows. Since one of the main arguments I use is the large amount of third party add-ons [...]

Keeping your computer up to date

Once you’ve worked with computers for even a moderate amount of time,there’s one thing that you’ll notice time and time again -Software never works correctly the first around. If you were to buy a car from Audi,you wouldn’t expect to have to take [...]

Microsoft Plus for Windows XP

This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having.

In the past I have successfully used a Kodak C.D. [...]

Microsoft Plus for Windows XP

Whenever Microsoft release a new operating system,it is customary for them to release a package known as ‘Plus’ along side its release which adds a number of small extras. With the recent release of Windows XP this tradition has continued with the launch of ‘Microsoft Plus for Windows XP’.


Windows XP

With the successor to Windows ME and Windows 2000 just having been released to manufactures,I thought that this week I would review the newest Operating System on the market from Microsoft;Windows XP. For most people in the industry this new product is the most exciting development in its [...]

Internet on the Move

Over the past 14 weeks,we have explored how to access the Internet and accomplishing many useful tasks using your home PC. This is all very well,but should you wish to work on the move,you are restricted to just a few options:First off,laptop computers. These are [...]

Keeping your computer healthy – Part 5

For the final instalment of this series of computer maintenance articles,I will be reviewing a program that claims do everything that I’ve explained over the last 4 weeks,more effectively and with greater simplicity that the programs that are bundled with Microsoft Windows. For the price of around £30 [...]