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Windows 7

If I didn’t know better,I’d say that Microsoft were trying to confuse us.

The approach for naming Windows appears to change with every release. Back when I first started using Windows we were running 3.11 which we then upgraded [...]

Secunia PSI

News was released this week regarding a potentially serious flaw present in Internet Explorer which potentially allows a hacker to gain control of a computer that has visited a website infected with malicious code. The scary thing about this particular bug is that the user doesn’t need to download or click anything to become infected [...]


We often receive blank DVD discs back that have been marked as being faulty due to the fact the customers machine refuses to write to them. After a little cross examination we almost always arrive at the same conclusion;the machine doesn’t actually have any software installed which would allow it to write to DVD [...]

Windows Movie Maker

I often recommend various pieces of free software which I believe my readers may be interested in downloading,however when getting caught up in the process of downloading new and exciting software it is apparently quite easy to overlook something right under your nose. Windows Movie Maker has been bundled with Windows ever since the [...]

Technology Flops #2

Last week I started looking at some technologies which,after having started life with such a potentially promising future,were quickly consigned to the history books. Along with the infamous Microsoft Bob application and Smart Appliances such as a fridge that connects to the Internet we had the formats HD DVD,Minidisc,DAT Tapes and [...]


Being a guy who used to make a living from repairing computers,you might understand that I’m slightly cynical about the prospect of people repairing their own machines when things go wrong;if anything serious should happen then you’re certainly best off calling a professional. In my experience,a little knowledge in the wrong hands [...]

PC or Mac? Part II

I started last week talking about the recent resurrection of the Apple Mac and whether your next computer really should be a Mac or whether you’d be best off sticking with the trusty PC. Unfortunately my article is restricted to approximately 700 words so I got as far as to looking at both systems historically [...]

Windows Vista Part I

A couple of people recently have mentioned to me recently that I’m yet to review Windows Vista in follow up to the feature that I did regarding the beta (test) edition last year. This isn’t an oversight on my part but something I did intentionally as a true review of an Operating System requires the [...]

Happy Birthday Windows

It’s a month full of birthdays as not only 24 years ago this week was yours truly bought into the world but it is also twenty years this month that the first copies of Windows began shipping onto the market. I thought to celebrate we would take a quick look back over the Windows history.


Readers suggestions

Once again I’ll take the time off this week to help one of my readers take care of their computer woes.

I wonder if you could help,I am looking for some free software which “undeletes” pictures from an SD media card. I accidentally (believe it or [...]