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Manufacturer Updates

I received the letter below a week or so back following on from my advice for readers to upgrade their copies of Windows XP to the newly released Service Pack 2. I thought this users experience would serve as a good example to explain how the majority of problems [...]

Digital Camera

I’ve always been a fan of digital cameras as the way I see it they are helping encourage amateur photography in the lives of so many people as you no longer need a great deal of equipment to take fantastic photos; all you need is a semi decent digital camera, [...]

Graphics Workshop Part 4: Graphics Software

On the fourth week of the graphics workshop feature, lets look back over the previous weeks; so far we have covered the subject of getting photo’s onto your computer using scanners and digital cameras and how to get them off your computer using a printer. However, what do you do [...]

Graphics Workshop Part 3: Printers

Over the past couple of weeks, we have covered how to capture pictures and transfer them onto your computer; unfortunately this is of little use without some way of eventually printing off your work.

Today, when looking for a perfect printer, you [...]