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I came across an interesting search engine the other day which appears to be heading in a completely different direction to practically anything else available at present. As you probably know,search engines function by using crawlers that search the Internet endlessly picking up new and revised content and then cataloguing the whole lot neatly [...]

Google PageRank

I often trump Google as being my Search Engine of choice and one of the main reasons behind this is due to the relevancy of the results that it returns. Most would just take these results for granted but I believe that sometimes it’s nice to know what factors contributed to a page being recommended [...]

Google SketchUp

My partner has recently decided that it is a good idea if we start redecorating and redesigning my house however unfortunately it looks like a large number of our plans will consist of taking a sledgehammer to the interior walls of the building. I really do have very limited skills when [...]

Search Engine Optimising #3

After following the last 2 weeks articles you should be in a position where you’ve optimised your site for the search engines,successfully submitted it and worked out a strategy to enable your site to be picked up by all the smaller engines by creating a number of links to [...]

Search Engine Optimising

Search engines are fickle beasts but ultimately you’re going to want to learn how to tame them if you have a website that you want people to be able to find. There are plenty of people out there with fantastic sites but unfortunately if they’re not listed in the search [...]

Alternative search engine

Whilst searching for a broad range of search engines on which to promote my website I recently stumbled across a site which I hadn’t seen or heard of in the past which is actually shockingly good. For the last couple of years,Google has been my search engine of choice [...]

Readers Questions – E-mail Spam

Once again I’ll take the take out this week to help out with any problems that my readers have been experiencing.

I usually read your column in the [...]

It seems to be rare nowadays to see a website advertised on the TV after the recent crisis in the .com industry and so it’s refreshing to see the site always advertised during prime time viewing. As one of those sites that attempts to cover a broad spectrum of [...]