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Google Buzz - Social Networking WebsiteGoogle Buzz -Social Networking Website

The Click article for this week is brought to you by Hayley Underwood,my soon to be wife,so that she can tell you about Google Buzz;a new social networking application that she has been getting to grips with.

“ Google Buzz is an extension of the Google Mail service offered by Google which [...]


We’re just in the process of changing over the design and functionality of the website and rather than creating our own interface again it has been suggested that a far easier and indeed more effective method would be to use the free blogging software WordPress. A blog is a website maintained by an individual [...]


Despite having done this article now for over two years now I have only just scratched the surface of the number of Internet sites offering good quality services free of charge and one additional site that recently crossed my mind was MultiMap which offers a number of free services relating [...]

Internet Chat Rooms

This week I’m going to cover an area which needs really more than one article to do the subject matter any justice;chatting on the Internet. I have little doubt that many of you would have used e-mail in the past to communicate to other Internet users,but what if [...]