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Just recently I’ve decided that the walls of our house are looking a little bare and rather than spending a small fortune on pictures and paintings I’ve started searching the Internet for images of the place in which I live. The idea is to find a number of extremely high quality and dramatic images of [...]

Google Earth

Several years ago I looked at an application called Google Earth, a program which allows you to view literally any corner of this Earth from satellite imagery without even leaving your desktop. This is genuinely one of the most interesting applications that you will ever use and bizarrely, it is completely free of charge.

Election 2005

Well the Election is nearly upon us; I have my postal vote filled out and ready to go however I wouldn’t be too surprised if many of you were still undecided on whom it was you were thinking about voting for. So that you can make an informed decision do bear in mind that the [...]

Broadband Britain

It has been a quite a while now since I last got up on to my soap box and banged on about the advantages of broadband and how all but the most infrequent Internet users should consider making the move. A lot has changed over the last months and broadband rollout across the UK is [...]

One of my favourite sites on the Internet has to be the online auction page eBay. Over the past year I have seen not only myself but also my friends and family save hundreds of pounds by buying discounted new or used products online and then in turn selling bits [...]

Readers Questions

Just when I thought the subject of Broadband Torbay wouldn’t make an appearance in Click for some time then here it comes again, back with a vengeance due to a recent question that I’ve received.

We are a couple of ‘silver surfers’ who both [...]

Teaching resources

As discussed in last weeks Click, today and next week we will be looking at the resources available to all groups of people in Torbay when it comes to computer tuition, either for people who have never used a PC before or those who want a refresher course. As you [...]