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Protecting yourself while shopping online

There are still a large number of people that are simply afraid to shop on the Internet which worries me somewhat as my livelihood is completely reliant on people feeling comfortable using their credit card details to order online. Not only is online shopping one of the most secure ways to shop but there are [...]


This week I’ll once again take the time to answer a question recently sent to me by a Click reader.

I’m a student doing art studies and also a regular reader of your column ‘Click’in the Heard Express. To assist me with my course I’m currently [...]

Reader question.

Once again I’ll be spending this week answering a question recently sent in by one of my readers.

Just to inform you that I recently bought a #17 Black cartridge from Lexmark for my Lexmark X1160 printer from Argos [...]

Duty Free Perfume

How fast the last year appears to have gone;It seems only weeks ago that I was looking forward to the start of summer and as I sit here,Christmas is looming just around the corner with barely a month left until the big day and although I have no [...]

Blueyonder Internet Access

My article last week on Blueyonder struck a chord with a number of readers who thought they would write to confirm that they’ve had good experiences with the Telewest Blueyonder service and one such reader is Mr. Hare whose letter I shall print below.

Having read your Herald [...]


I had a letter this week from a reader regarding a subject I have failed to mention so far in my numerous articles of computing on the move. Mr Ian MacMillian wrote in with the following,enclosing a cutting of a recent article from the Sunday Telegraph regarding the new [...]

Readers Questions and Answers

This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having.

I read with interest your article a few weeks [...]

Keeping your computer healthy – Part 4

Keeping in line with the current subject of essential ways to care for your computer and keeping it running in peak condition this week I will answer a number of questions that I have received from our readers over the past couple of weeks.