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OpenOffice 3.0

This week OpenOffice 3.0 was released and once again I found myself questioning as to why we spend good money on Microsoft Office when there is a completely free alternative available that does the job just as well. After all,it’s not as if Office 2007 is cheap;the professional version comes in at an [...]

Browser Wars #2

We started last week by looking at the initial browser wars of the mid to late 1990’s which saw Microsoft triumphing over a very prolific company of the time,Netscape. For a long time Netscape enjoyed a huge share of the browser market before Microsoft developed Internet Explorer,gave it away for free and bundled [...]


For a while now I’ve given readers free access to an archive of old Herald Express Click articles online at the website address Last week we recently completed an entire redesign of the site and whilst adding some old articles it came to my attention that the last time I reviewed a Linux Operating [...]

Fresh Software

Several pieces of software came to my attention just recently;all four of them published by the practically unheard of ‘Fresh Devices’ company and available completely free of charge from I spent an hour this afternoon trying them out and thought they were worthy of inclusion in Click.

Easter Eggs

I do like to be topical from time to time so as it is Easter this weekend I thought should write an article on the subject of ‘Easter Eggs’. These are not your usual chocolate eggs but rather a pet name for a function or feature that is hidden within a finished product by the [...]

Opera browser

After this instalment of Click many readers may be convinced that I’m on a mission to replace all the Microsoft products on your computer with those created by other manufactures but you would be quite wrong. Whilst it is true that I quite often suggest alternative products to those such [...]

SETI @ Home

In last weeks edition of Click I promised that I’d review the numerous Linux products that were available on the market as alternatives to the popular Windows Operating System. Unfortunately however I have been unable to find the time to install any such programs on [...]

Readers Questions

This week I’ll again spend a bit of time answering a selection of readers’ questions in the hope that I can resolve some of your most common problems.

I have an irritating problem in Word 2000 that hopefully you can help me with. When pressing the return key a strange symbol appears after the sentence. [...]

Keeping your computer healthy – Part 5

For the final instalment of this series of computer maintenance articles,I will be reviewing a program that claims do everything that I’ve explained over the last 4 weeks,more effectively and with greater simplicity that the programs that are bundled with Microsoft Windows. For the price of around £30 [...]