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Pidgin - Multiple Instant Messenger ServicePidgin -Multiple Instant Messenger Service

If like me,you find yourself juggling multiple messenger applications to keep your friends,family and colleagues happy you will be glad to hear about Pidgin. Formally known as Gaim,Pidgin is an open-source messaging program that allows the simultaneous use of multiple instant messenger services through one application.

Available as a free of charge [...]

Home design CAD

I must be one of the only mugs buying a house at the moment;this is at a time where the majority of other prospective buyers are running for the hills due to the current economic climate. To make matters more interesting I also made an offer before the property officially came on to the [...]

Portable GIMP

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (rather affectionately named GIMP) was first released back in 1996 by two American University students. The program was designed to be an easy to use,powerful open source image editor and since this date it has matured to achieve a large user base over several platforms including the Apple Mac,[...]