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Microsoft SkyDrive

Transferring information between computers is easier now than it ever has been. I remember back in the days of my Commodore 64 when it was near impossible to exchange information between different machines unless they were of exactly the same manufacturer and model and had compatible peripherals. Modems were primitive devices that few had access [...]


Something that I haven’t given a huge amount of thought to in the past is the subject of encryption. This was until the subject was bought up today by a customer of mine who was considering the purchase of a USB Flash Drive but explained it was to replace one that he had mislaid which [...]


Being a guy who used to make a living from repairing computers,you might understand that I’m slightly cynical about the prospect of people repairing their own machines when things go wrong;if anything serious should happen then you’re certainly best off calling a professional. In my experience,a little knowledge in the wrong hands [...]

Readers Questions

Once again this week I will answer a selection of letters from my mailbag.

With reference to your column in the Herald Express regarding the AVG virus checker. I [...]