Teaching resources #2

As discussed in last week’s edition of Click, there is a great deal of computer learning resources available for all people in Torbay.These series of articles focussing around this subject are designed to try and assist you in finding the right course at the right college to suit your particular needs.

Last week we talked about the different ways of teaching a course, either through Open Learning or by practical classes held with a lecturer always available to help out. This week we’ll contend with another problem associated with returning to education and details of another college that is available for a whole range of older students to study at.

Having spoken to several people while researching this subject, I have found that one of the main problems older learners associate with returning to education is that they often feel that they may be intimidated, having not been to a school or college for possibly the best part of 50-60 years.Even people in their 30’s still feel as though they would be embarrassed at the prospect of being taught a subject that they have no idea about.It is therefore helpful to keep in mind that all people attending the courses detailed over this 3 part series are in exactly the same position as you are and that the lecturers are usually specially trained to work with adults and can therefore provide a lively and supportive atmosphere.

As mentioned last week, computer tuition need not be expensive either; this week we will be looking at Paignton Community College who offer several free courses for the over 65’s and for anybody under this age bracket the price is a set sum of only £23.This colleges courses run through-out the year; however each course is only 5 weeks long.Obviously, it would be difficult to start one of these courses half way through and therefore I have only listed the details of courses that start from the beginning after the June half-term.

In terms of location, the Bishops Place Centre is used for all the day and several of the evening courses and the remainder of the subjects set to be taught in the evening will take place in the Borough Road Centre.In all instances, it would be necessary to contact the Bishops Place Centre on 01803 403007 for further information and bookings, this number is available Mondays to Fridays only.

At present, the list of planned courses is as follows; however I cannot guarantee that all details are 100% accurate so please check with the institution for further details of any courses you are interested in.

Monday Afternoons, 1pm – 3pm – An Internet based course entitled ‘Internet for Web Warriors’, the course starts 11th June.

Monday Evenings, 7pm – 9pm – A course focusing on computing for beginners, ‘Easy as ABC’, starting date is currently 11th June.

Tuesday Afternoon, 1pm – 3pm – Another introductory course for those new to computing, ‘Computers for the absolute beginner’, starts 5th June.

Wednesday Afternoon, 1pm – 3pm – The same course as described above, but a different date in case the above class is fully booked or for people that cannot make Tuesday Afternoons, starts 6th June.

Wednesday Evening, 7pm – 9pm – Another date for the ‘Easy as ABC’ course that also runs on a Monday evening, starts 6th June.

Thursday Afternoon, 1pm – 3pm – ‘Computing for the Older and Bolder’, a course especially tailored to those that want to get into computing at a later age, starts 7th June.

Thursday Evening, 7pm – 9pm, two courses are to be run on this date: ‘Easy as ABC’, as described above and ‘Surfing the Net’, an Internet oriented course.Both courses start 7th June.

Friday Afternoon, 1pm – 3pm, another day for the course ‘Computing for the Older and Bolder’.Course starting date is currently 8th June.

With computing becoming such an important part of everybodys lives, it would be worthwhile to attend one of these courses to see what you think of it and whether you would like to continue it to a higher level after the 5 week period is complete, this is especially true when you consider the cheap price of these courses.In addition, as well as the education aspect of the course, it is also a great opportunity to meet people in similar circumstances and with similar interests to your own.

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