Teaching resources #3

Some of my more regular readers may recall that over the past 2 weeks we have been covering the teaching resources available to all people in Torbay, last week we did Paignton and the week before Torquay and so it only seems natural that this week I should cover Brixham.For those of you that live in Paignton or Torquay and missed those respective articles, I should point out that all previous articles are available on the Webwise section of the Herald Express’s website at www.thisissouthdevon.co.uk.

This week I will also cover the subject of Individual Learning Accounts (ILA’s) which are available for all people over the age of 19 to support their return to education.In addition to some of the courses that I will detail today, several of those we’ve discussed in past weeks are available for support via an Individual Learning Account, the purpose of them being to make it easier and cheaper to get access to tuition.For example many courses, not just those in the computing field will be discounted by up to 80% and others by 20%.In addition the first million applicants for an account will receive up to £150 off their learning as long as they put in £25 of their own money.For more information and to apply call 0800 072 5678 or go to the website www.my-ila.com.

Shooting back to look at Brixham Community College, not only do they have a large number of interesting and cheap courses that I’ll divulge in just a second, but a large amount of the resources at Brixham seem to be tailored to helping the less able bodied.Such courses include ‘Photos’ (using Scanners, digital cameras and colour printer to improve your photos), ‘Next Step: Word-processing’, ‘Cards & Fancy Types’ and ‘Tame Your Computer’ (Learn to create folders, delete files etc).Sometime in the future we should be following up these courses in more depth to look exactly what equipment is available and how the centres are equipped to assist the less able bodied.

In terms of their other courses, Brixham College has a number to choose from, with several starting from only £5.In addition, most also include some form of certification when complete.I was unable to find out the full details of starting dates for all courses; however the next batch will start around the beginning of June and last for around 5-6 weeks.Details of those included are as follows:

Computing for Beginners: As the name suggests, this course dispels the fears for those new to computers, touching subjects such as opening programs and using their basic functions.

Scanning & Digital Photos: Brixham Community College has facilities available such as digital cameras, scanners and colour printers that you are free to experiment with on this course. It is a somewhat more involved than many of the others, as reflected in the £32 price tag however for your money you learn how to apply Special Effects to images, clone and layer them, using Colour Correction etc.In addition, the tutor, Anita Wren is a columnist in “Digital Photo” magazine so you can be assured that she is an expert in her field.

OCR CLAIT (Desktop Publishing): This course focuses on what some readers may be familiar with, Desktop Publishing (DTP).This software is used to design pages for newspapers, adverts etc., and can be studied practically on this course as part of a nationally recognised CLAIT certification.

Computing, Lets move on: Focussing on the slightly more advanced aspects of Windows, for example learning to customise the Desktop, create shortcuts etc., as well as learning about associated programs such as Microsoft Word.

Computing for the Older & Bolder: As the name suggests this class is suited for the older learner.This course allows you to learn at your own pace in a small, relaxed class.

For more information on any of these courses, or others available, please contact Brixham Community College on 01803 853302.Also ask about other concessions available, outside of the Individual Learning Account we looked at earlier, such concessions can allow you to obtain up to 50% off certain classes obviously depending on your financial or age status.I have tried to ensure all information is accurate, but please check with the institution prior to making any special arrangements.

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