Top Gadgets for your HDTV

Who doesn’t LOVE their HDTV? Sitting in your special spot, kicking back and enjoying the best in home entertainment is as awesome as…well, beer on tap, in the desert. Ok, maybe not as good as that, but you get the picture. We have so many types of HDTV to choose from, too: Plasma, LCD, LED, DLP and 3-D TV.

What about the toys; you know, the stuff you really want to hook up to the HDTV, to enhance your experience, or better yet—rub in the faces of your friends. Here’s my personal list of the top gadgets you should consider buying for your High Definition Boob Tube.

Apple TV: Under a hundred bucks, almost as good as Blu-ray (1080p), streaming, minimalistic and easy to set up; what could be better? This is the best of the best when it comes to streaming boxes. Choose from thousands of movies, current and classic—even watch shows from iTunes, look at photos, play music from your iPod and more. You don’t have to be an Apple fan to love this technology; you’d just be a fool to pass it up.

LG LHB976: The ultimate home theatre system for those who simply need to mock everyone else. Oh, I realize it’s cruel, but once you hear the crystal clear sound from the solid speakers or plug your iPod into the dock, you’ll feel the need to strut. 192KHz/24nit Digital/Analog Conversion, 100+ dB Signal/Noise Ratio, LPCM, Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS™, DTS-HD Master Audio™ Essential; hell, I think it might scream your name in ecstasy if you asked it to.

Logitech Revue: Screw the PC monitor; you have HDTV now! Grab the device that has a built-in web browser with a wireless keyboard to boot. Think about it, perfect entertainment just got better with seamless access to the web. What could be more fun than navigating the web on your impressive HDTV?

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control: Ok, this is one of my absolute favorites! Don’t even bother checking this out if you’re a guy who has to ask his wife’s permission or asks for directions when lost. This is a man’s remote; it’s the epitome of power. This sexy device is powered by four AA batteries and syncs via a Bluetooth connection to control not a hundred devices, not a thousand, not even ten thousand. The Griffin Beacon, powered by Dijit, can control up to 200,000 home entertainment devices straight out of the box. Built for both iOS and Android, there’s no excuse for using anything less.

Roku LT: Not interested in playing with Apple? That’s ok, there’s a fantastic alternative that will stream services like Hulu+ and Netflix as well as info and music programming like Pandora and TED Talks. The best part is, it’s under $50, which means it’s in the right price range for most people. If you have broadband, hook this puppy up to the HDTV with an HDMI cable and you’re ready for entertainment.

Samsung InTouch: So you have access to the web through your HDTV, why not use it for Skype as well? That’s right! Samsung has created an Android device that will enable you with the ability to make video calls on your TV.

3W E27 RGB Multicolor LED Light Bulb with Remote: One of the coolest experiences I had with a home theatre system was when my friend changed the mood by changing the lighting. He flipped a button on his remote and cast a faint red glow during our revisit to “Halloween.” Scary as hell! Now I know how he did it; an LED light bulb with a remote that allows you to control the color and brightness. That’s 25,000 hours of awesome for around $10.

L5 Universal Remote Control for iOS: I listed this secondary choice for a remote for two reasons—one, it’s under $50, and two, its customizable. That’s right, this incredible device for the iOS turns your iPhone into a hot remote that uses a free app to craft it into whatever you want it to be. Oh yes, we love options.

Kill-A-Watt: Everything looks cool, until you start getting the power bills. Yeah, we all seem to care about how much juice our rechargeable devices, like cell phones use, but what about entertainment systems? This device, for only $25 can tell you how much electricity your HDTV, sound system and other peripherals use.

Logitech UE 9000: The last gadget on my list is an important one. Personally, I like to enjoy a movie from time to time, without interruption and without interrupting anyone else. I’m talking about the eardrum-blowing explosion flicks, like “The Expendables” or the newest episode of “Grimm.” That means earphones, but not any will do. Enter Logitech for the second time, with the UE 9000. These wireless headphones wrap around your ears comfortably, providing a virtually perfect audio experience without compromise. With reliable connectivity, enhanced range, and a listen through button, these beauties give you the ability to hear around you without taking the headset off. Don’t have Bluetooth or prefer to use the set with a cord? Logitech provides a detachable cable, so the perfect experience never has to end.

Don’t stop dreaming just because you have an HDTV. There are new toys hitting the shelves each and every month so don’t deprive yourself of making a great experience, heavenly.

If you know of a device that should be on this list—I want to know about it. Take a moment to leave a comment and share with the rest of us.


About the Author - Dwayne Thomas is a staff writer for