Transferring LP’s to CD

This week I’ll be taking a bit of time to delve into a question recently posted to me by one of my readers:

One of the reasons which persuaded me to buy my PC four or five years ago was that I wanted in due course to transfer some of my large LP record and audio tape collection onto CD.
For various reasons (mainly lack of time, although I have now recently retired), I never got round to doing this, although I have a CD writer and Drive and a programme which enables me to copy to CDs.

Having now retired and (potentially) having more time, I would now like to try and make a start on transferring some of my LP’s and tapes onto CD, but although I have read articles saying how easily it can be done and have seen advertisements for software which “cleans up” vinyl LPs and audio tapes, I do not know what connections I need, still less how to fit them!

I am writing to you therefore to see if you have any experience of this, or whether you know anyone who has and could give me some practical help.

Tony Chidlow.

I will be honest this certainly isn’t my forte although I do understand the basics of what is involved so will at least try to point you in the right direction over the next 400 words.

First off you will need to get the correct equipment for the job - You will obviously first need a record player that then plugs into an amplifier as well as a suitable PC with CD Burner.You’ll also need a lead to connect the two of them together and a company such as Leads Direct (0870 755 7610) should be able to sell you a suitable lead with a 3.5mm jack on one side for the PC then whatever connection your amplifier requires on the other end.

You will also need some recording software so check out Audacity ( for a free and compact sound editor which should do the job perfectly.To be honest this is a very capable piece of sound recording software which many readers will find interesting, not just those looking to transfer their LP’s onto the computer.

Now, it’s time to begin so clean your LP, connect the line out of the amplifier to the line in of the PC install the software given above and then go to the volume control on your PC (down by the clock at the bottom right hand side of the screen) and ensure that the Line In level is turned up sufficiently.

From now on it should simply be a case of going in to the software, start recording from the line in source and then start the LP playing. It may be an idea to record the entire LP in one go and then use Audacity to clean up the one file and then split it up in to the individual tracks which can then be saved in to a suitable high quality .wav file.It is simply now a case of going into your CD burning software, opting to create an audio CD and then drag and drop the tracks you require on to the disc and click the burn button.

This article has of course simply covered the absolute basics and you’ll probably want to look in to the subject in greater detail so do check out for some helpful tips and tricks.

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