This week I’m going to do something a little bit unusual in Click; something that I don’t normally do.Almost every week I go in search of the best free software for you guys to download and give it my full recommendation but instead this week I’m going to review a piece of software that I think is truly awful because I see the potential in both it and other similar programs available on the market.

Broadband connections are continuously getting faster but at the same time also coming down in price; to the best of my knowledge most places in Torbay are now able to get at least a 2 Meg connection with prices starting around the £12.99 mark.For the majority of moderate Internet users there simple is no longer an excuse not to have broadband and the growth of this technology is set to continue at a fantastic rate.Such strides in the technology mean that streamed video over the Internet is now something that everybody can access and this is where our featured program for today TVexe comes in.

TVexe ( is a small, free program which sorts out many of the channels that are broadcasting over the Internet into some kind of order.With such a wide choice it helps to have such a system and soon you will have access to over 300 live channels from across the world sorted into categories or simply listed by country of origin.

The first thing you’ll notice is that TVexe doesn’t need to be installed – You simply download it onto your PC and there is only one file which does the lot.Unfortunately the next thing that you’ll notice is that the interface is extremely cluttered and the Interface could have been assembled so much better however the point of todays article is to highlight the potential such software has for the future.

With broadband speeds increasing across the country it is not uncommon for users in more built up areas to benefit from 8 Meg connections and in some areas the speeds are even faster.When viewing streaming video it is of course important that all computers in-between your connection and the TV stations connection work well otherwise bottlenecks will soon reduce the quality of the broadcast.Providing everything runs smoothly a good picture is obtainable and over time it shouldn’t be too long before we can get streamed TV quality broadcasts for free over the Net.

The primary advantage of this technology isn’t hard to see – in addition to gaining access to many UK free to air transmissions you’ll have your pick from a HUGE selection of stations from all over the world.Watching TV broadcast from a different country can not only give you an insight into a completely different culture but also provide you with a completely different perspective on the world.In these modern times such technology is especially important – For example, if we look at Iran who have taken the action of banning western influences from much of their media we can see that the Internet is a powerful tool for reducing the impact of state imposed propaganda.

I do recommend those of you on a broadband connection download TVexe and give it a quick blast on your computer – Asides from keeping you amused for a good few minutes you’ll hate it but things can only get better from here.

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