What a Difference a Cloud Makes: The Advantages of Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud is the latest advance in computer software technology. More and more companies are realising the benefits of using cloud-based software, and using it to their advantage. There are many ways in which the use of cloud technology can help you and your business to be more productive, more secure and able to offer a premium service to all your customers.


Security & Protection

In terms of security and data protection, nothing else on the market can compare. Using cloud software eradicates any storage safety issues you may have previously encountered. Rather than having to store information on physical machines such as your PC or laptop, or on removable devices such as disks or back-up hard drives, cloud technology stores your data securely in remote servers.

These servers are constantly protected by the very latest firewall, updated with all current patches for virus protection and stored in fire and flood proof buildings with all modern anti-theft devices in place. They are also checked daily by humans for any possible errors or system failures, and have biometric locking systems. This means you can save all your confidential data on the system and be certain that it will remain secure.

Remote Access

Another advantage to this storage system is that it provides linked access to any registered user with a password. Any member of your team can access the information they require from anywhere, without having to constantly pop back to the office to retrieve files stored on a company machine. This allows you to offer your clients a much more efficient service, and gives team members more hours in the day to deal with a variety of issues. As the software is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux, it can literally be accessed from anywhere by anyone, as long as they have been granted their log-in details and password.


The cloud system will automatically update information across the board, so any market changes, policy detail alterations, or even just notes on a particular client that are added by one user will be visible to all within seconds. Ease of communication is vital in any business, and these systems allow instant exchanges of information across the board.

Cloud-based systems such as Lloyds insurance software also allow you to set up systems automatically, and even as a self-service operation for simpler functions such as basic policy renewals or payments. Customers who are satisfied with the service they receive will be able to update or renew their policies online without taking time out from your team, and these updates will comply with all information in the database, including the current CLR and market rates.

Using cloud-based technology allows you to streamline your business practices effectively, leaving you more time to focus on necessary client interaction.

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