What’s on When

There are many things in this world that continue to amaze me every single day that I’m alive but few of these astound me as much as my parents seeming obsession with their camper van.Pretty much every weekend they’ll head off into pastures new in what would appear a random pattern; they’ll drive until weary and then hitch up the camper van in a car park or camp site to stay the night before exploring the local area and events the next day.

I have often wondered what goes in to planning these trips as disappointingly my father isn’t psychic and I was sure that there must be more than simple guesswork and random thinking.Recently it has become apparent that perhaps the true mastermind behind these decisions is indeed not my father but the Internet site www.whatsonwhen.com.

I would imagine that after reading the initial paragraph of this article that many of you were questioning how I was going to integrate camper vans into an article based on computers but I did just manage the seemingly impossible.‘What’s on When’ is an award winning Internet site that lists pretty much every major and a substantial number of minor events not just in the UK but around the world.You simply go online, select a continent and then a country and the website will bring up a detailed list of what events are happening in your chosen destination, the dates they run from and an overview of what you can expect if you choose to attend.

Keeping on the safe side I opted to ignore the option of searching for entertainment events in Iran and instead did a search for events within England and discovered several hundred happening either presently or in the very near future.Choosing to be a little more specific I then performed a search within Devon and found 50 events that could be further investigated.It should also be said that there is the added benefit of being able to search by event type or event theme if you have something specific in mind.

Once you have located something that takes your fancy you can view it in more detail which will give you a description of the event, the vibe you can expect, the dates on which it occurs, the location and also if applicable the price.Pictures of previous instances of the event are provided in order to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

I had a quick look at the video guides and discovered the interesting ‘Finnish wife carrying championships’ which occurred several months ago; this amusing race involves a partner carrying his wife over his shoulders around an obstacle course in order to win the weight of his wife in beer.Of course points are lost for dropping your wife as well as assumingly the husband receiving a fantastic telling off when they make it home.

The website does include a number of other informative and interesting guides which are certainly worth a look even if you are not planning to take part but just out of general interest.The Internet is a fantastic way of exchanging information and this site does a wonderful job of demonstrating this; at the touch of a button you can find details of events happening anywhere in the world.

I am of course not advocating the idea of buying a camper van but do take one leaf out of my fathers’ book in and visit www.whatsonwhen.com – You may find something worth doing and even not you may just find it interesting to see what weird and wonderful things are happening around the country and indeed around the world.

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