Why Recycle?

Sorry to start off this article with what may seem like a blatant an advert but those of you who have looked at our website will have found that although we sell compatible cartridges for Epson, Canon, Xerox and most other printers, those made by HP or Lexmark are branded as ‘reconditioned’ cartridges.What exactly does reconditioned mean and how does it affect you?

Hewlett Packard and Lexmark have patented the head design on their cartridges so it is illegal for compatible cartridge companies to make low cost copies of them.Epson, Canon and the other manufactures cartridges don’t actually contain a print head; they are just plastic and ink which slots into the printer so they cannot claim copyright as ink and plastic isn’t an original product as such.From the viewpoint of HP and Lexmark, you can see the obvious benefits as if you patent the head design then you can continue charging people £30 per cartridge with no fear of competition entering the market; it’s a huge monopoly and the only way around it as process known as reconditioning the cartridge.This essentially involves a specialist company who will take the cartridge apart, test the individual components, refill the cartridge then put it all back together again before a final testing and release back in to the public domain.The process is a lot more involved than simply refilling in the way that several local companies do but the results are ultimately a lot more reliable.

The advantages of remanufacturing surpasses the fact that you can get the same quality for a lower cost, they also often contain more ink than their original counterparts and of course remanufacturing is good for the environment as 30 million ink cartridges are dumped in the UK alone every year.If we look at a worldwide statistic, a total of 375 million cartridges per year are dumped and it believed that the plastic that makes up these cartridges will take over 1000 years to decompose.Add to this the fact that only 5% of all cartridges are being remanufactured and you can see how important it is for us all to take a part in making things just a little bit better for the environment.Current demand for these remanufactured cartridges appears to be outstripping supply as more people want lower cost cartridges but they are either unsure as to how to return their empties or do not want the hassle of doing so.

The advantages to me and you go beyond the fact that we’ll be helping the environment, you will also be paid for every single cartridge that you recycle; whether you return one a year or one a week and the amount that these cartridges can fetch can sometimes be quite surprising.Take a trip onto Google (www.google.co.uk) and search for a company that takes your fancy or just trust in my advice and get in contact with the following company that I’ve used several times in the past.Empty Inkjet Cartridges (www.empty-inkjet-cartridges.com or phone 0800 0199 967) are willing to pay up to £5 per cartridge depending on current market demand and this money can either be made out as a cheque in your name or sent to a charity of your choice; they will even give you a freepost address for the return of your empties.

I believe that we all should take a little bit of responsibility for the environment and although sending back a couple of cartridges isn’t going to change the world you can look at it from the viewpoint that even if a slightly larger percentage of people in Torbay started recycling then it would make a small but significant difference in the amount of rubbish in our landfill sites.

If you’re interested in buying a remanufactured cartridge then there are several companies in Torbay who could supply you but you could always check out our website www.refreshcartridges.co.uk as we offer low all inclusive prices and guarantee that you’ll be happy with the remanufactured cartridge you’ll receive


About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.